Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slices - Slices 7" (mk II)

Label: Home Invasion
Year: 2009

Well, I felt that I was leaving you hanging by just posting the other self-titled Slices 7", and not this self-titled Slices 7". It didn't seem right did it?
So fear not, here it is, another puncture wound to the chest. This time the band takes their foot slightly off the gas to get a little more Die Kreuzen by way of Zeni Geva on that ass. I'm sure you won't mind, or at least you shouldn't, they're doing it out of love I'm sure.
Also, I will mention, they have a new lp out on Iron Lung, which is still in print (as opposed to this, and that other 7"), and you should go buy it. Today. Go and buy it today.
Furthermore, lest my terrible writing and ridiculous hyperbole has not already convinced you of Slices' greatness, I will offer up that the band features members of the wonderfully named Warzone Womyn, as well as the less wonderfully named Tusk Lord and Brain Handle (no offense gentlemen), so you can rest assured, it's quality stuff. Have I ever lied before?
Not that you know off.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard the Repos? To me easily as good as any of the classics. Absolutely great band.

Anonymous said...


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