Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oaks - Bravo!

Label: Self released
Year: 2008

Big, big, B-I-G rock in the tradition of Karp. You know what I mean? And, it should not be surprising since the band features a member of Tight Bros From Way Back When, which also featured Karp personnel, and was produced by Toshi Kasai who is now in Big Business, which is made up of ex-you-guessed-it, Karp personnel.
It's full on boogie woogie rock and roll channeled by dudes who at one point in their lives had to turn their backs on that most beautiful music in order to not upset their fellow punkers, but who always had the radio dial tuned to the local classic rock station. When their buddies would complain about the Lynyrd Skynyrd tunes, they would have to quickly stammer an excuse to cover their tracks. "Oh, dude, yeah, Skynyrd sucks man, and their total racists and shit. For sure. Yeah, it's just that my Amebix cassette got stuck in the tape deck, so I'm stuck listening to this shit. Sucks man, totally sucks". Meanwhile, as they look out the window, a single tear rolls across their cheek in solidarity to their swamp rocking brethren.
I'm pretty sure Wantage USA is putting out their next record, or at least that's what I had heard somewhere, at some point.

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psychoboy said...

Thanks… it seems I was right to trade my mohawk with a beard !!!

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