Sunday, May 9, 2010

Zeni Geva - Distorted Live

Label: Supreme Tool Supplies
Year: 1993

I tried to think of a "mother's day" angle to this post, but eventually gave up, as I realized that there is nothing about Zeni Geva that any of our mothers would find at all appealing. Most moms I know aren't too into the idea of being barked at over the incessant metallic grinding this band evokes. Maybe your mother is way cooler than mine, or I'm underestimating her tolerance for bludgeoning heaviness. If that's the case, I do apologize, and I should congratulate you for being birthed by what was apparently a 15 year old, drug addled, hesher. Otherwise, burn this one for your own mother, label it as "Leo Sayer" or whatever she's into, and give it to her today in a homemade card with a coupon for a free hug. She will love it!

Also of note, this was originally released on cassette in an edition of 100 in the Netherlands. Chances are, you weren't one of the 100 Dutch bastards to own it back in 1993. Or maybe I owe you another apology.


stefan said...

already had this but: FUCK YES, ZENI GEVA.

Anonymous said...

The link is dead, I'd be greatful if you mind to reupload this once again :)

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