Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4 DAYS OF NIRVANA - Day Three (BMG Ariola LTDA Studios, January 19-21, 1993)

This session, recorded a month before the Pachyderm Studios Recording with Albini (IU recording session), was done in Rio de Janeiro between the two "Hollywood Rock Festival" shows played on the 16th and 23rd. It was meant as a demo session to gather more song ideas for their next Geffen release and a majority of the songs laid to tape made it onto In Utero. The majority of this session was released on WTLO in 2004 (Heart-Shaped Box, Milk It, Moist Vagina, IHMAWTD, Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol, The Other Improv...), however a few tracks from the session were omitted; those four tracks are included in this post.

BMG Ariola LTDA Studios Session, January 19-21, 1993


Scentless Apprentice
Onward Into Countless Battles (Unleashed Cover); Instrumentals by D. Grohl
Very Ape
Seasons in the Sun (Released on DVD portion of WTLO)



Tony said...

Whatever happened to day 4?

fred said...

dude. I got high and forgot. it's cool.

fred said...

i'll post it tomorrow or something.

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