Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Floor - Still stoked on that show, so here's a video

While I'm still perturbed there were at least two Shiny Grey Monotone readers in town to see Floor and neither one bought me a drink, I am still riding pretty high on Floor (pun, as bad as it is, intended). That show was one for the books, probably better than anything I've seen in quite some time, and certainly "better" than Floor circa 1994, or whenever the last time I saw them was. And I can't even fathom how Anthony Vialon concocted that guitar tone, even though I was posted up mere feet from his rig and tried studying it to no end.
So, to celebrate, here's a really great quality video posted by someone calling themselves "Whatfuckingever444".


Mega-leg said...

Gray...sir, I apologize. I did not see your "Floor-Tonight, Live in the Flesh" post until Sunday and for some silly reason didn't even think to ask who from here was going. (Knowing damn well you, for one, are from ATL) I would have in fact bought you a Red Stripe
for your many amazing contributions and only asked for a tall PBR in return. haha

The funny thing is is according to your position, we practically stood next to each other!

Rhinocerouslip Bumcrack said...

They might have thought you were straight edge and that you'd attack them!

Gray said...

Mr. M. Leg,

I was standing directly in front of Anthony Vialon, one person back from the edge of the stage (truth be told, I allowed some skirts to weasel in front of me), about two persons off of the wall on that side of the room. Perfect postitioning for the bludgeoning. If you were standing near me then you no doubt shook your head in disappointment as I lost my shit anytime they played something older than the material from the albums.

Mr. Bumcrack,

I'm not sure I understand the straightedge remark, unless you are implying that my former incarnation as sxe warrior might have manifested itself and attacked Floor. That being said, I did note that all members of Floor were only drinking water, minus the one shot I noticed Mr. Vialon take after set number 2.

Good lord, that show was awesome! I have subjected my family to Floor for the last couple of days, and they have not been pleased. Not in the least.

Rhinocerouslip Bumcrack said...

yep, the old incarnation. A time when we'd save more money. Not really would blast it on more records. Now it's less records and more nights we can't remember.

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