Thursday, April 8, 2010


Label - Wiiija Records
Released 1992

Well after the positive feedback after the posting of their first EP it gives me, er, great pleasure in posting their 2nd. More quality stuff ensuring that you'll be bopping around your bedroom by the end of the record (note to self...main audience probably not teenagers anymore). Even so, at least you'll be chanting "James Joyce is fucking my sister!"



pentagrimes said...

aaah Therapy..such a great band at the start.One of the first shows I ever saw was them just before this record came out, and the last time I saw them was headlining a 6000 person venue round "Infernal Love" and then it all went to shit.Still, the first two eps and "Nurse" are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I stopped buying them after this as they went into bubble gum pop/rock/gr**ge territory. 'Nurse' i can vaguely remember, have to go back to that one.
In fact i can remember the day i bought this, bought Young Gods 'Skinflowers' 12" too. We had lots of fog and i blew my giro in a pub and on records.

They were good live around this time as they had a nice set of songs.

Anonymous said...

potato junki is my favorite

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