Wednesday, March 31, 2010

v/a - land of of need

released 1994

this was a compilation put together by the trustkill and watermark record labels as a tribute to the only album the band embrace released...which also doubled as a benefit album for the homeless

and now some of of you are asking yourself aloud "who is this band embrace?"

"what was that,dear?"

"nothing mom"

embrace was made up of 3/5 of the band the faith (guitarist michael hampton/drummer ivor hanson/bassist chris bald)...and mr. harDCore himself...ian mackaye

they...along with fellow dc band rites of spring...are considered the originators of all that "emo" business

and now you know

and knowing is half the battle

1 - give me back - nation on fire
2 - the current - dance of days
3 - undertow - building
4 - past - groundwork
5 - spoke - outspoken
6 - sparkmarker - do not consider yourself free
7 - the functions - no more pain
8 - blindfold - i wish i
9 - avail - said gun
10 - rancid - can't forgive
11 - lifetime - money
12 - process - if i never thought about it
13 - farside - end of a year
14 - ashes - last song

DL: land of of need


Anonymous said...

Thanks love seeing stuff like this. i loved this record

Steven said...

proven hollow said...

i hate to be a "spoil sport" but this could be one of the most disappointing albums of that time to ever come out. truly unlistenable versions of once "great" (but in reality, mediocre) songs of yesteryear.

the only song on here that made me want to buy the album when it came out was sparkmarker. little did i know they were about to implode and their song was almost the worst one.

sorry, the memories of this album and trustkill records in general are dare i say "shitty".

but oh well. what ya gonna do?

ipecac said...

proven hollow...

i fully back your statement

i unearthed this while going through folders on the computer...i had forgotten that i'd even had it

i'm pretty sure that i'd gotten this for the avail cover (i had gone through an avail phase awhile back...and i recommend that to everyone)

i think i gave this a listen all of one time (yes...even avail couldn't salvage this mess)

and don't even get me started on rancid...they really need to stick to what they know...and that's being a third rate operation ivy

Gray said...

You will have to excuse Phil, as he refers to Embrace as "mediocre", for that is merely the result of petty jealousy that the Embrace album was covered, and nobody thought it would be a good idea to cover his personal favorites, Soulside.

Truth be told, this is a very lackluster effort, and Phil is absolutely correct in pointing out Trustkill's track record of releasing one steaming hot turd after another. The Current song is pretty good, Nations On Fire do a respectable (if not imaginative) take, and contrary to Phil, I thought the Sparkmarker jam was pretty hot. Most of the rest was generic and underwhelming.

The only reason this record got much play from me, was that it was on side B of a cassette that had Unbroken, "Life.Love.Regret" on side A, and by default would get listened to in order to get back over to the Unbroken side.

ipecac said...

you know grAy...word on the street is...there's this thing called the "rewind button" that enables you to listen to something again without having to go through all that trouble

now...i know your first instinct is to alert the village elders and bring this voodoo to their attention...but before you judge...give it a shan't be disappointed

and not only that...i've given you the gift of time...just think of all those things you'll be able to do now that you no longer have to wait

supercruel said...

I got the embrace record on cassette tape when I was fifteen years old. I still have it to this day, and unbelievably it still plays. Wow I listened to that record a lot in high school, Along with 24 HOUR REVENGE THERAPY.
Does that mean I was emo? Because I also listened to SOUTH OF HEAVEN and TOTAL DESTRUCTION often as well.
Maybe I was just a real weird kid.

Ezra said...

ummm, thanks for this?
I was psyched but now after reading the comments...

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