Saturday, April 3, 2010


Released - 2001
Label - Load

After the demise of Hammerhead come out of the ashes Vaz. Vaz contained both drummer and bassist of former group. For their first outing (and probably the strongest) the sound isn't quite as heavy but a bit more rhythmic than their last incarnation. Released 3 albums in total with the last now back in 2005. I'm guessing they've gone off to do other things now.



Supercruel said...

Yo, thanks for this I have "THE LIE THAT MATCHES THE FURNITURE" but have not been able to find thisin here one.

Brian said...

Vaz is still around.

They actually just played a show in Providence with Todd (UK) a month ago.

Brian said...

To finish that thought. The show was in Providence, RI.

eBlack-Black said...

I have to send you a lot of "THANKS"...

I love your blog with extra-90's-and-new-millenium's-pop-punk-kore-emo-noise...

You're great !

Thank a lot for VAZ that I've not already bought, so hard to find where I am, in the back country, in the middle of France...

If you search something, ake us know, may be I got it !!!

Have a nice day !

And, of course, one more "THANKS A LOT !"

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