Monday, March 29, 2010

Pissed Jeans - Demo

Label: Self released
Year: 2003

And from the unholy union of Amphetamine Reptile and SST Records was birthed Pissed, pink, pissed, and covered in after birth. The band had a different incarnation as The Gatecrashers, but decided to switch up instruments, and this version took off, taking cues from everybody from Drunks With Guns to Lifesblood to Void to Septic Death to Fang. But really by "everybody" I guess I just mean the warped end of the hardcore spectrum, the part that is sufficiently twisted enough to turn back on itself and beginning eating it's own body thusly shitting out such a vile and nefarious version of that which originally spawned it, that it ceases to even resemble its progenitor.
What was that last part again?
I think we've covered most of the rest of their discography elsewhere, but this is the fucker that started it all for Pissed Jeans.


kittyempire said...

Nice one... haven't seen this foating around yet. Love this band, even if there's kind of a 'retro' vibe (everything they do reminds me of something else) it's all pretty much great. Also, apologies for using the word retro... it almost certainly will not happen again.

Lovely post, cheers.

Alex said...

Are there any recordings under the Gatecrashers name? Psyched to see Pissed Jeans in April!

l&a said...

Nice share, once again!!
I linked you on my music blog.

thuglifebaldwin said...

this band is ex ultimate warriors too!

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