Saturday, March 13, 2010

Helmet - Born Annoying ep

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1989

Keeping the Helmet hot-hand going for minute here, I wanted to post this one for two reasons. First off, it's the debut record from Helmet, and it's the blueprint for a generation of post-hardcore dudes who decided that, as Page Hamilton once said himself (but I paraphrase), "the heaviness is found in the space between the notes". True dat son.
Secondly, I post this because there is a "maxi-single" (oh 80's...) version of this record that has two more songs. I do not have said "maxi-single", but would be thrilled to remedy that. Does anyone reading these words want to flip through their cassette collection and check to see if you have it? Maybe it came out on one of those queer little dust jacket cds as well, I don't know, but if you got, would you mind flaunting it? That goes for the "maxi-single", and your general animal magnetism...flaunt that too.
Also, I remember trying to trade Tony Erba (Face Value represent!) a random hardcore shirt for his Helmet shirt with this design on front. It was a non-starter and I was left with whatever random shirt that was (that I'm probably still wearing to this day [grow up dude]), but in his defense, he made the right call, at least on that day.

*Thanks to reader Whiteknuckle for providing the full "maxi-single" ep version of this record. I have updated the link below. So now you get the 2 songs from the 7", an additional song from that recording session, and an unreleased song from the "Strap It On" lp sessions. Nice right? Thanks Mr. Whiteknuckle, you're tops!


WhiteKnuckle said...

Here's the Maxi single CD version.

Thanks for all the good stuff!!

Peter Tron said...

This really is their 'finest hour' imo. They never returned to the ferocity that was this first EP. Classic stuff!

Hostage Situation said...

Dude I bought this from a local record store back in the day named "papa jazz" It blew my little metallica worshiping mind.
I still have it too this day.
I t is amazing how influential these guys where. This is the type of band that should be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame based solely on the impact they left on todays modern music scene.

Hostage Situation said...

Have you guys heard the new jucifer tracks that where recently leaked from the new record entitled throned in blood due out apr 6? The songs are supremely awesome, they are gritty,crusty and border on death. Apparently this new record is a theme oriented one in the same way as the last except that it is dealing with wars of the last century good shit.If your interested I could send them to you, I have 2 tracks.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,

just discovered your Site and like it a lot (the Records and the Writing). A Load of COWS (+ this HELMET Classic), and me curious to listen to it (again). By Reasons unknown, I always confuse them COWS with the GOD BULLIES... Thanks again for your Effort.


Anonymous said...

I always confuse them COWS with the GOD BULLIES so did I !!!!!!

Bronto Love said...

Here's another version, expanded to a full EP.

01 - Born Annoying.mp3
02 - Rumble.mp3
03 - Shirley Maclaine.mp3
04 - Geisha To Go.mp3
05 - Taken.mp3
06 - Your Head.mp3
07 - Oven.mp3
08 - No Nicky No.mp3
09 - Primitive.mp3
10 - Born Annoying.mp3

lastthrowsofresistance said...


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