Saturday, March 13, 2010

Drunkdriver / Mattin - List Of Profound Insecurities

Label: Badmaster / Suicide Tax
Year: 2009

This was released as a vinyl only, 45rpm 12" in an edition of 540, so chances are, you might have missed it had you even realized is was out. It's sold out, so unless you want to scour the eBays...don't bother.
Musically, if you've heard Drunkdriver before, you should be prepared for their particularly abrasive and confrontational approach to noise rock, with a big, repeat b-i-g, emphasis on the "noise" part of that descriptor. If you've heard Billy Bao before, you should be prepared for Mattin's high volume screech and unsettling rumble version of pure noise.
Now, imagine Drunkdriver playing their primal noise/sludge and having Mattin wrestle these riffs into screaming submission. It's as if there is a knob on the mixing board that says "Fucked", and they have turned it all the way right, and left the building.
Nothing nice here, maximum destruction.

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kittyempire said...

Nice description! Sounds like one of those 'endurance test' records that I can't resist for some reason. I'm gonna DL based on previous Drunkdriver stuff. Thanks again.

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