Wednesday, March 10, 2010

v/a - sst acoustic

released 1991

well...with grAy posting what he compelled me to show some sst love as well

"you could've posted PROGRAM: ANNIHILATOR I"

yeah...i could have...but that would've made too much sense...and i ain't in the business of making sense...just ask anyone that's ever stood in line with me at the grocery store...

"you know...poodles really shouldn't drink bean dip smoothies"
"um...excuse me?"
"exactly my point,sir"

this is kind of an oddity on the label is known for sweaty testosterone angst ( the beginning anyway...before the pot began to rule everything around greg ginn)...on this you had everyone sitting down...unplugging their equipment...and getting all bob dylan on yer ass

if you're familiar with the MINUTEFLAG album...then you're already prepared

1 - roger manning - the sicilian train blues
2 - brian ritchie - no resistin' a christian
3 - the last - awakening
4 - minutemen - stories
5 - grant hart - the main
6 - tom troccoli's dog - orcanese farethewell
7 - screaming trees - yard trip #7
8 - fiREHOSE - in memory of elizabeth cotton
9 - negativland - nesbitt's lime soda song
10 - saccharine trust - belonging to october
11 - kirk kelly - go man go
12 - angst - colors
13 - husker du - never talking to you again
14 - dinosaur jr. - poledo

DL: sst acoustic

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Emil Schnörrbart said...

Someone track down October Faction ii is some Flag members in some side project only on SST. It even stumps the tubes of innernetts to find this one!

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