Sunday, March 14, 2010

Helios Creed - The Last Laugh

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1989

By request from yon forum, here's one of the Helios Creed albums you were looking for, and I have the other one as well if you still want it.
Acid washed primal punk with a gothic slant, not unlike every other Helios Creed release. This one does feature the rhythm section of Skin Yard, and was produced at Reciprocal Recording by Jack Endino if that helps you at all.
If you like your music straightforward, please do not apply here. You won't be pleased.

* Re-up'd 03.16.10...if "funkiness" continues, please alert the authorities


Al said...

Fantastic once again. And yes I would like Boxing The Clown please, this one's whetted my appetite.

Brad said...

Great post!

Scott (gotankgo) said...


jonderneathica said...

Name me a song that everybody need
And I bet it belongs to Edge and Creed

Anonymous said...

Track 2 is corrupt, can you fix? Thanks, Grant

Brad said...

Yeah,Helios is weird, but not that weird, track 2 is definitely funky.

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