Saturday, February 27, 2010

headcleaner - bogieman 12"

released 1992

there was a link to this album posted in the comments section of the other headcleaner album posted a few spots down provided by one of the many anonymous folks that frequent SGM...but i was also sent a link to this album via email by someone calling themselves shane

perhaps he and anonymous are the same person

and i know that some of you are saying to yourself "this is supposed to be called BOOGIEMAN...this ipecac fella is retarded"

and to that...i say "so what?"

well...i've seen both spellings...but i'm gonna go with the one i saw on their page

take early killing joke...early fudge tunnel...early silverfish...mix all of that together...and then put david yow behind the microphone

and then you'd have headcleaner

DL: bogieman


Anonymous said...

yes it was the one and the same person - me :) you guys dont check that hotmail account too often!!

corbypunk said...

What a debut e.p. blew me away when it came out. it`s the bogieman ep. one of the best live bands of the time as well, they used to have a lunatic called bingo come on wearing metal plates all over his body and play with an anglegrinder on them! Theres a good video of him on you tube with silverfish where he sets himself on fire on stage

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this !

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

For the record, in the UK we xay 'Bogieman/Bogeyman', whereas you Septic Tanks say 'Boogieman'. Ours is correct, yours is a 'sweetened' version designed not to scare children quite so much.

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