Friday, January 29, 2010

V/A - Vinyl Retentive (X 2LP Comp)

Label : Very Small Records
Released : 1993

A great comp put out by my good friend David Hayes. From his Very Small Records blog :
1. CAPTAIN 9's & The KNICKERBOCKER TRIO: Yummy Yummy Yummy 2. ELMER: Punk Rock Girl 3. 3 FINGER SPREAD: Will You Go Out With My Mom? 4. 23 MORE MINUTES: Dear Bob 5. BANANAS: Spicy Jerk 6. NAR: Drunk & Benevolent 7. LIZARDS: Dog Dick 8. KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERZ: Memories Of Death 9. HORNY MORMONS: Michael Got A Unicycle 10. MOTHERMAYI: Miss Malakai 11. SLUGGO: Sunburn 12. GUANO: Chain Of Food 13. PLAID RETINA: Lesson To Teach 14. FALSE SACRAMENT: Second Hand Anxiety 15. GLASS BABBLE RADIO: Catch Phrase 16. NATURAL CAUSE: Death Of A Miser 17. SARABELLUM: 4 No 5 Children 18. BUZZOVEN: Grit 19. ECONOCHRIST: Withdrawal 20. LOGICAL NONSENSE: Pigs Blood Blues 21. GRIMPLE: System F*cker 22. RAOOUL: Possessed 23. ROYAL SCAM: Peg 24. POUNDED CLOWN: Trashmen 25. VOODOO GLOW SKULLS: C School 26. SEA PIGS: La Grange 27. SCHLONG: The Big Hurry 28. MOTHERLOAD: Who Gives A Sh*t 29. GR'UPS: You Cant Die 30. LOS HUEVOS: Lava Soap 31. YAHWEH'S MISTAKE: Ecstasy Thirteen 32. LAZY BOY: Conquer 33. PINHEAD GUNPOWDER: Beastly Bit 

Highlights on this are the songs by Buzzov-en, Sarabellum, False Sacrament, Schlong, Grimple, Logical Nonsense,  & The Sea Pigs.


Tony Brown said...

You should try and find the Sarabellum demos. There were two that I know about. I wish I could help out , but my copies were stolen by old roommates years ago.

Slander Bob said...

I have the city demo. They were very good friends of mine. I still talk to Dennis, Bobby(their singer) is a cop now.

Have no fear, I heard there is a my space page in the works that will have both demos. Potential Nightmare will re-issue them soon.

Slander Bob said...

As I was saying..

veganboyjosh said...

any chance this can get reupped? the MF link is dead....


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