Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dragged By Horses - Deep In The Woods

Label: High Wheel Records
Released: 2007

I had never heard of Dragged By Horses until yesterday, when my girlfriend brought in their LP from the record store where she works.

My first thought was WTF? Then, I thought Shellac? Then, Jonestown? Young Widows maybe? All I know is it sounds gritty & real & vintage (even though this album was released in '07)

Here is a review I found, even though it is a dismissive review by someone who probably doesn't understand. Screw that:

Check it out for yerself.


world's greatest DAD said...

i would compare this to Hoover, and i am very interested to see this new wave of hoover-influenced bands (Dragged By Horses, Young Widows, etc) -- as opposed to the bunch of post-Hover bands that were "influenced" by them because it was all the same members. All of which is to say that your post reminds me how much i love the Crown Hate Ruin record.

Anonymous said...

Why's everybody hatin' on Mick Jagger?

--Mick J.

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