Sunday, January 31, 2010

skinny puppy - too dark park

released 1990

"he's seeing monsters...he's losing his mind and he feels it going"

and that's just what happened the day i decided to slip this album into the stereo in a room of people that were either on acid or the pot (i was on the pot...and i have to tell you that this was one of my favorite things to listen to while high...and i don't know what that says about me)

so picture it...everyone is having a good time...just going with whatever they happened to be going through at the moment...and then suddenly the song "spasmolytic"
comes over the speakers...and the voice of a demon starts saying things like "kicking the habit" and "sorry..i'm fucked up inside" over music that could be best described as an exorcism set to music

things got uneasy real quick

and then folks started making their way to the door

and i was ok with that...more chips for me

i don't exactly remember how it was i was turned onto this was my first foray into skinny puppy-land...and soon afterward i was hunting down everything i could find on cassette (why on cassette?...i don't just seemed as if they were harder to find back then...and i had built up quite the collection...but i somehow managed to lose them over the years)

in my opinion...when it came to the industrial scene back in the late 80's/early 90's...skinny puppy were the scariest to listen to...i could probably dig a little and maybe come across something a little edgier and whatnot...but at the had your kmfdm..your nine inch nails..your ministry..and they all seemed to be looking for some sort of mainstream acceptance...but even when it looked as if skinny puppy were trying to do the same with their THE PROCESS was the most anti-mainstream mainstream album of that time period (am i calling skinny puppy a mainstream band? if only all mainstream bands sounded like that)

well...i've rambled on long enough

and just so you don't have to be some aging goth or hot topic worker (who am i kidding...nowadays they have no idea who this band is) to dig this band

and just for the record...i am neither of those things

DL: too dark park


Anonymous said...

skuppy always broke the rules and other bands just copied what looked cool, they're still at it and not the competition

Steven said...

'Last Rights' is even more nightmare-ish. One of the most engaging live bands I've ever seen.

Dean said...

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Anonymous said...

Been on a massive skinny puppy tip recently. It was SP who turned me on to electronic music 20 years ago. There's loads of so called 'industrial' bands who basically try to rip off these, but SP are still my favorite. I've never heard Too Dark Park properly as my lp used to jump back in those days (Shitty needle shitty record player).

Just got Ableton Live Suite 8 recently and believe me some SP is gonna come creeping into a few mixes.

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