Thursday, February 4, 2010

ministry - 12.20.84 - the exit - chicago,il

this was recorded during the WAX TRAX SINGLES tour

this was a goodbye tour of sorts as al was ready to put all of the synthpop music to rest and head into an edgier direction (which at first just seemed to be an edgier version of what they were already doing...but then the pharmaceuticals kicked in and al rediscovered the electric guitar and vocal distortion)

1 - intro
2 - all day
3 - do you even like it
4 - cold life
5 - the nature of love
6 - revenge
7 - (everyday is) halloween
8 - i'll do anything for you
9 - work for love
10 - i'm falling

DL: ministry@the exit


Anonymous said...

And Paul Barker! Don't forget about Paul Barker and what he did for Ministry! Paul Barker rules. I like Paul Barker. Paul Barker kicks ass. Paul Barker.

Oh, and this show is cool, thanks! I really like those two unreleased songs, especially "Do You Even Like It?".

ipecac said...

ok...this is either paul barker...or paul barker's mom

either should already know that he (you) wasn't in the band for another 2 years

Anonymous said...

I have no association with Barker at all, but I have the feeling that he isn't the type of person who would say something as dumb and gushing as I did. I just like him a hell of a lot more than Al. Hell, pretty much everybody else who played in Ministry besides Al was cooler than him, from what I've gathered. Jourgensen's talked shit about him in recent history, but Barker on the other hand has mostly kept quiet about his departure from Ministry and hasn't talked shit about Al at all. When asked if the two would ever collaborate again, he simply said that it wasn't likely. But then you have Al calling him "just another fucking bass player". Pathetic.

And I know Barker didn't join until '86, but Al gets way too much credit for Ministry. Sure, he might have been the leader of the group and it's only consistent member, but most people still don't seem to realize that Al wasn't the one making all of the music. Without Barker and Bill Rieflin, The Land of Rape and Honey would have never been made. You said he "discovered the electric guitar", but he had already been playing guitar before he started Ministry. He was in a group called Special Affect in the late 70's, and there are alot of early Ministry songs, including some on WIth Sympathy that feature his guitar playing. He just dropped it for a few years.

joanna said...

Awesome to find this- I was there,,,

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