Friday, January 29, 2010

Gas Huffer - Janitors of Tomorrow

Here's Gas Huffer's debut album titled "Janitors of Tomorrow". I really can't uptalk this album enough.. it's just a frantic, schitzophrenic mess of gloriously catchy, comedy laced rock music. This is a favorite of mine in terms of Gas Huffer material as it's probably the most furious thing they ever released - it's like a shot to the head.. you'll listen to it and then wonder what the hell just happened. This was released in 1991 by Empty Records.

1. Nisqually
2. Shoe Factory
3. Night Train To Spokane
4. Going To Las Vegas
5. Dangerous Drifter
6. Robert"
7. Mistake
8. All That Guff
9. Lizard Hunt
10. Insidious
11. Love Comes Creeping
12. Compromise In The Dark
13. Girl I Need Your Lovin' (Right Now)
14. Want To Kiss You
15. Eat You Whole
16. Buck Naked
17. Mouthful
18. Firebug
19. Jesus Was My Only Friend


kittyempire said...

Awesome post. This is an all-time classic!

Anonymous said...

one of my forgotten favorites, thank you!

Anonymous said...

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