Sunday, December 6, 2009

lightning bolt - 7.2.02 - under the couch - atlanta,ga

now some of you may have been reading the previous 2 posts and got to scratching your head and while asking yourself "what's lightning bolt?"

one guy plays the bass
one guy plays the drums and screams things into a microphone mask

the drummer wears you out by just watching him

and yeah...i'm gonna say that he's a few notches above hella's zach hill

what you need to do is search out the movie THE POWER OF's a documentary about a tour the band did back in 2001

now...the bass player does what he does...but my all comes down to the just sit there in bewilderment

but enough with the words

1 - intro
2 - thirteen monsters
3 - on fire
4 - dracula mountain pt.1
5 - dracula mountain pt.2
6 - untitled
7 - 30,000 monkeys/force field
8 - conan

DL: lightning bolt@under the couch

the opening for THE POWER OF SALAD (song: "assassins")


G_G said...

Bought 2 copies of The Power of Salad, gave one to my brother. Spreading the werd.

zokuchou said...

Lightning Bolt are great. Managed to get to see them recently. Crazy stuff with them playing on the floor. Drummer is indeed amazing.

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