Sunday, December 6, 2009

jackwacker - ...things from inside your body

released 2006

and looking even closer into the crap i have stored on the computer...i came across this

this was a drum and bass duo from bloomington,in

this album compiles random bit and pieces they'd released during their 2 year existence (they split up back in 1995)

so if you like lightning bolt...godheadsilo...the flying luttenbachers...go ahead and drive your family crazy with this as well

DL: ...things from inside your body
(link fixed fixed)


ARXELAOS said...

Awesome man, i love bass and drums duos.. Do u have more of them?? Thanks in advance..

zokuchou said...

Track 11 is corrupt when I extract this - anyone else get this?

Gray said...

Fuck yeah, I've been looking for this record for ever. I need to post the Accidental Death compilations with Jackwacker on them.


Gray said...

oh yeah, track 11 is fucked. way to go Ipecac! what a retard! can't even upload 11 whole tracks without fucking something up.

what a disappointment you are. sheesh.

ipecac said...

dad...what did i tell you about posting here!

you don't even know what a "jackwacker" is...and's not what you caught me doing in the bathroom

Gray said...

well, did you fix the upload or what?

I don't want to hear about you jerking off in front of your dad (which, by the way, is probably illegal), I want to hear Jackwhacker!

Get on it!

ipecac said...

what else can "link fixed" mean?

i know what i'm getting you for christmas

Gray said...

I'm getting you a knuckle sandwich. what size do you wear?

Gray said...

Hey Dickfer, this file is still fucked.

ipecac said...

well i don't know what else i can do about it

anytime i try to get it to play just pees on the carpet

i'll try and upload it through a different site

if that doesn't correct're just going to have to accept the fact that the #11 doesn't like you (or the rest of you for that matter)

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