Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Label: Toy Factory (Japan)
Released 1993

Ah the glory days...being a massive fan of Helmet & Unsane at the time, when this came out I was like a teenager watching a porno for the first time - I could not contain myself! 16 had quite a few limited releases at the time but I was lucky enough to pick this up. This has a few extra tracks than the US release, most of which ended up on the Scott Case CD. Please note - track titles are in Japanese so the tracks are: Texas Tunnel, Curves That Kick, Chum, Resin, Amish, Grandpa's Chair, Mr Mouse, Sedatives, Nova, Doorprize, Loafer, Joe The Cat, Hate, Holly Bunny.

This has loads of killer tracks on it and to me it's one of the noise rock greats. But as the dude would say "well, like, that's just your opinion man!"



convertido said...

great frickin post! I saw them once, i think (sometimes the memory fails), around this time when they swung through Texas. Jaw dropping doesn't even come close to describing it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

don't forget "Drop Out" that album is killer!

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