Thursday, October 15, 2009

yow vs. the bottle

it's been brought up a few times on the blog

david wm. sims even came around to add his two cents about the matter

did david yell a racial slur at it?
did david take advantage of it's mother?
did david use it's bath tub and not clean it afterward?

and now with this...the man himself clears it all up....


James Joyce said...

Where did they dig that interviewer up? It's nice to see Mac get some face time for a change. Atlanta represents.

Mars said...

You'd be forgiven for thinking he's a tool but the interviewer is Dan Harris is from my hometown - Portland, Me. Yes, he looks - and has ALWAYS looked - like a square. He's a news reporter (he's on ABC, but he's done some work for CNN as well), but he was at all of the shows back in the day (we're talking un-trendy noise rock here)- sometimes you'd see him at a show in Boston. He was always really cool, supportive of the scene and knew his shit as much as any of us here.

So, he's actually legit.

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