Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oak And Bone - Oak And Bone

Label: Hex
Year: 2009

Here's what happens when dudes weened on hardcore decide to add some gritty noise rock to their chugging, barking, roar. Kinda ends up in the same wheelhouse as Cursed, which certainly ain't a bad thing, and you can't fault a band for heading down that road.I can't tell if their inspiration is coming straight from the source or not, but if I were to guess, I would say that they are listening to bands that were in turn influenced by Unsane, Kill Van Kull, Entombed, or the like. Maybe we should ask them directly huh? But if you like your meaty hardcore served up dirty, thick, gnarled, and burly, then by all means peep these dudes. They're doing it as well as anybody else is these days.

(we were contacted by someone over at the band's record label with one of those "could you please remove the link..." messages...and seeing as how he used "please"...we did just that...buuuuut we left the album's description up for you all to take a gander at if you so wish...and by doing so maybe you'd actually want to send the boys some of that green paper you keep inside your wallet/parent's wallet/random strangers you see walking through the park go and take a peek at said label's blogspot and site)

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