Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brainiac - Live - Concert Cafe - Green Bay WI - 10-25-96

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1996

You don't hear a lot of live Brainiac shows (unless you were standing in front of them while they were playing), so I thought it'd be nice to post one. And this particular one highlights some of their best material as the band were still progressing 4 years into their career, and unfortunately 7 months before the death of leader Tim Taylor.
The sound quality isn't top notch, this is an audience recording, and I'd give it a C+, but if you're a fan you can certainly make out all the instruments, you can recognize the songs, and you get a sense of the bands frenetic energy. Or if you never saw them play, here's your chance to live vicariously through the internet (as if you don't already). 
Also worth it, is the club promoter rattling off the upcoming show list before the band starts. Apparently the Concert Cafe has some real doozies coming up, Avail with Citizen Fish, Craw, and the real winner, Mighty Mighty Bosstones with Sensefield. Holy shit. Quick Green Bay, you still have time to jam nail files into your earholes before the Bosstones get to town and ruin your hearing the "ska way". Ugh.



Anonymous said...

I really wish more unreleased Brainiac would surface...such a great band.

Anonymous said...

if you want more live action check out this site

loads of live recordings and video footage available for free!

Great site by the way.

Mars said...


Love 'em.

You're kidding about Bosstones, right?

yaledelay said...

NO he is not kidding about the Bostones... I was in the crew of people who taped this show, we also taped a Brainiac Live in Beliot WI show with an interview I did with Timmy about a month before he passed (that I can't find) its great to hear people still love this stuff...

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