Monday, October 12, 2009

Thrones - Punk In My Vitamins Demo

Label: Punk In My Vitamins
Year: 1994

I know, I know, everybody has already posted this all over the internet, but I had just moved this record into the "archive" folder in preparation of removing it from my hard drive (to make room for the new Twilight Soundtrack of course) and thought I should share it with those who might have missed it. So here it is. There it is, or whatever. It's everywhere!
This is 45 minutes long, so don't be fooled by it only having two tracks. It was a cassette release of unidentified songs, therefore you get each side of the tape as a single track. I suppose you could then break that down into individual tracks, but frankly, there is really no need to do such a thing. The music flows together on it's own, from noise collage to crushing doom dirge, it is sequenced perfectly already.
If you need a musical reference to base your decision to sample this or not, I can only say, Harvey Milk, as the two bands were pretty much soulmates at the time, exploring the same unpopular territory. Hence Joe Preston eventually joining up with Harvey Milk I suppose.


Mars said...

Joe Preston - doom metal journeyman and all around nice guy.

CAPTCHA: 'syngo'

Julian said...

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Abu Brooklyn said...

Any chance of getting a reupload on this? Dying to get a download of this!

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