Monday, October 12, 2009

Boris / Tomsk-7 - Split 7"

Label: Bovine
Year: 1997

Can I go ahead and say that Boris has become a parody of themselves over the past few years? Can I also say that I am completely sick of the Cult of Boris? The ultra limited releases, the over hyped tours, the boring albums, the endless collaborations, and the bespecled fanbase (full disclosure: I too am ocularly challenged). Enough already Boris, I get it.
Maybe it's because they used to be so good that I am now so bummed on what they're doing, or maybe I'm too simple to "get it", maybe the world doesn't revolve around my taste, or maybe I'm a raging xenophobe with a Pearl Harbor grudge? I don't know.
I do know thought, that this particular slab of vinyl was a real favorite upon it's release. Boris were in top form, pummeling with a form of doom/sludge that set them apart from, say, Greenmachine or Corrupted, in that it was smoother, easier to close your eyes and slowly nod your head to. And then Tomsk-7, holy shit, the crazed hardcore/grind/noise rock blister that they attacked with was always welcome in my home. 
Bovine Records, who by the way, were a fucking brilliant label, was firing on all cylinders at the time of this release. Essential stuff.


Chairmaker said...

Despite my near-perfect eyesight, I enjoy later Boris just fine (though your point about their collaborations and limited editions is fair enough), but I'm more of a fan of Boris as a rock band than a sludge one anyway.

dk said...

I agree with what you say about what is Boris now, but honestly I never cherished this band before so it's not quite the same.

Mars said...

Boris? More like "Bor-US"! GUFFAW!

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