Monday, October 12, 2009

The Methodists - "Cookie" 1998

The Methodists were yet another band from Seattle, and their drummer was Chad Channing. They played kinda fun pop-punk which, i'll admit, usually is not my thing at all. But this is well done and has kind of a psychedelic, hard edge which makes the pop-punk thing okay.. And if that is your thing to begin with you'll most definitly enjoy this. If it isn't, you can definitly at least take a handful of tracks from this album like I did. Highlights for me are "She Sucks" and "Dance On".

1. Max Capacity
2. Some Fun
3. Lonely Without You
4. Dance On
5. What She Said
6. Blue
7. She Sucks
8. Cookie
9. Another Day
10. Believe In
11. Drowned
12. Not The Same
13. Content

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Mars said...

Methodists? More like Method-US-ts!


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