Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fitz Of Depression - Let's Give It A Twist

Label: K
Year: 1994

This is as close to "bar rock" as K Records is gonna get. Granted, it's a bar in the Pacific Northwest in the early 90s, so instead of Faces covers, you might hear a Wipers tune or two, but a bar nonetheless. Fitz Of Depression play straight forward grunge informed punk rock. It's as if the Melvins were playing The Fluid's songs. And somehow that ends up sounding like Zeke or something. It's weird. But good. Weird good. The Tight Bros. From Way Back did a similar type of jamming, but they're sound was heavier and relied more on 70's hard rock cues, while Fitz Of Depression take their sound as much from hardcore as from classic rock.
The band's been knocking around for a long time (1989) and over the years played host to some notable musicians in need of getting their proverbial ya-ya's out. Folks who were in Witchypoo, Moral Crux, and Unwound among others. So maybe that helps, maybe not.


proven hollow said...

i think i saw play a show at eats in atlanta with one of those "lesbian" bands.

Gray said...

"one of those 'lesbian' bands"...careful phil, your sensitive side is showing.

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