Friday, October 2, 2009

bloarzeyd - new ep/podcast - wmua - 4.3.09

released 2007

you may recognize the NEW EP as something i'd posted many moons ago...but apparently there was a track that was plying i decided to do it all over again and move it way up to the front for those that may have not seen or given it a try the first time around

and if you didn''re missing you need to take this hand and follow it

so if you need a refresher as to what this dynamic duo sounds like...just go with godheadsilo...and that's all you really need

and as an added bonus...i've tacked on a set they played for a college radio station out of massachusetts ( be exact)

and i'm well aware that this exact podcast was posted over on the forum by "abbottoirez"...but what i've done here is sweeten the pot by adding the set list...and for those of you afraid to wander into the forum because of the things you'd heard about donkey shows and's a safe alternative (nancy boy)

DL: new ep
DL: podcast


Anonymous said...

Abbottoirez here;
thanks for re-uploading the NEW ep, 'tis much appreciated. In return, I'll peruse my collection and see if there's anything particularly juicy to upload for ze purpose of sharing.
btw: ye check out my Rapeman'88 upload? Recovering that hateful thing was in fact a labour of love. Let me know what you think.

ipecac said...

i did check out the rapeman upload

and i know all about a labour of love being hateful...just ask me about the time i birthed a meatball sub

actually...don't ask me about that

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