Sunday, October 4, 2009

Warhammer 48k - Ethereal Oracle

Label: Permanent
Year: 2007

Here's another "new" release that you need to track down and purchase. Much like the Hey Colossus record posted down there somewhere, this one is still in print and easy to find.
Also, like the Hey Colossus record, this band has tapped into all the things I like about music, and then add their own twist. This time around it's a slightly more metal twist than the English bands referenced as the NWOBNR (by me only of one else is that dumb). But Warhammer 48K take the ole tried and true noise rock of 1994, and swirl it in the bongwater of 1997, resulting in some truly menacing, fucked up, righteous rock. Real, real, real, good rock don't you know.
If you're into Part Chimp you will like this. But, if you're more into new bands that are aggressive like Vandal X, you'll like this too. It tickles your funny bone for the straight ahead shredding madness you crave, and the meandering art-sludge you want as well. Double threat ya'll!
If you don't have this, get it. It's essential.
I'll get more of their records up here soon, they're all really good.
Also, in unrelated news, I went and saw Sunny Day Real Estate last night, and they slayed. I haven't seen them for a lot of years, since just before the second album came out I guess, and man, they were great. Plus they seemed really grateful that people still gave a shit which was nice. And anytime you get to see ex-members of Christ On A Crutch, Resolution, Brotherhood, and Galleons Lap, you gotta take it you know?


1009 said...

These guys are on Permanent Records, a label started by this couple that also started a record store by the same name in Chicago. They're good kids and work very hard (as if you couldn't tell by the fact that they've started both a record label and store within a couple of years in the city). If you dig this check out their site:

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting it up… great stuff.
is there a tracklist?

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