Wednesday, September 2, 2009

pissed jeans - king of jeans

released 2009

ah...the band that kicked off the great tight and shiny debate of '08

but with this album...they seemed to have found their way out of the sweaty stink of the jesus lizard's shadow (though bits and pieces left with them...because when something like that touches touches you) and moved onto seattle circa the late 80's/early 90's

they come off sounding like u-men vocalist john bigley fronting mudhoney...with a hint of nirvana's IN UTERO and some early melvins

and maybe it's not just coincidence that this is their first (correction: second) album for sub pop...perhaps the label is trying recapture their "i'm a loser" aesthetic (the label is a long way from what they used to it seems like they traded in their torn pants/t-shirt fresh from the floor/combat boots look for scarves/high school sports team shirts/clove cigarettes/and tight pants)

so what you need to do is put down that messenger bag...

DL: king of jeans


Al said...

In the spirit of yesterday's post I'll point out that this is in fact their second album on Sub Pop. But that doesn't make it any less of a fucked timewarp.

This record has already struck me as possibly the best noise rock record (does that make it the best record full-stop?) of the last decade. But that's just me.

ipecac said...

i stand corrected

i shall take tiny rulers to my typing fingers

and i will agree with you on that whole "possibly being the best noise rock record of the last decade" thing

mfarkas2 said...

Not sure if it's the best but, pretty eff'in good!!

i wanna fuck kim gordon said...

sounds like 40 minutes of bullshit to me. this is not noise rock this is embarrassing.

ipecac said...

that's why the word "possibly" was used "mfarkas2"

as for you "i wanna fuck kim gordon"...i got nuffin for are just too cool for school,bro

Al said...

Either you're Thurston Moore or you're a weird guy. Care to elaborate on the embarassment?

I want a run-down of the contenders for the noughties noise crown. Clearly I've missed something epic.

Shit, I just used the word noughties. The internet strikes again.

tanya said...

really fucking good record. they have definitely refined their sound. think i prefer pissed jeans when they're a sprawling chaotic mess though.

1009 said...

Thanks for posting. Not very impressed by the earlier stuff, but it seems like they have every ingredient I demand in obnoxious music. I will give them another chance.

problem said...

link broke

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