Wednesday, September 2, 2009

bloarzeyd - delirious insane ventilator of bloarzeyd

released 2006

seeing as how their NEW EP went over kinda big around these parts (and can be found here) now get their very first album

if you go over into the can download their BLOMAARDZOENYNDA 7" (which is made up of 2 madonna covers)...and you will have completed their discography (thus far)

and for those of you that are too lazy to go and read the review for their NEW EP to find out what they sound like...well...if you dig the bands alabama and the oak ridge'll find this to be a kick you in the crotch and spit on your neck fantastic time


DL: delirious insane ventilator of bloarzeyd


ARXELAOS said...

Huge thanks man!!

alex said...

Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

This seems to have been encoded with some skips. There is a really noticeable one on track 6 around 2:57.

ipecac said...

if anyone else picks up some skips and it bothers you...i'll re-up it if i have to

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