Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Unwound - Repetition

Label: Kill Rock Stars
Year: 1996

By request, here's Unwound's fifth album, he document of their "mid period", before they really started tweaking their sound and veering further away from punk and indie rock. It's also another challenge for me to come up with new ways to say "great", "awesome", "must have", etc. Frankly I'm pooped.
Instead, I'll add to the running Melvins dialogue that seems to be taking over this very blog. 
As you may recall, I mentioned that I would be attended a Melvins show last night, and was hoping aloud that the band would treat us with one of their legendary, pummeling sets, as opposed to their also legendary ear-fucking bore-fests. Well, I'm happy to report that the band came through and completely fucking slayed. Melted my face off, they did! Hot shit, they were killing it last night. This was my first time catching the "Big Business" version of Melvins, and I got to hand it to them, they were in top form. Especially the dueling drums, those were particularly fantastic, and well executed (unlike say...oh I don't know...Kylesa...what the fuck Kylesa, do you really need two dudes playing the exact same "tribal" beat slightly out of time with the other? seriously, it adds nothing to your sound except to muddy it up. stop Kylesa, you're a great band, don't blow it with that ghetto-ass Allman Brothers doubling drumming). Seeing them play actually made me want to start a band again and rip off more of their riffs for my own nefarious purposes.
Also, Down played, and I feel obligated to inform you that they also slayed with extreme prejudice last night. I don't give a fuck how corny you think Phil Anselmo is, or how Pepper Keenan ruined C.O.C., or how rough of a drummer Jimmy Bower is, or even how fat Kirk from Crowbar is. I just don't care. Down is a great heavy metal band who know how to deliver the metal goods, and I appreciated how hard they went for it to a 3/4 full venue. Kudos Down. Well played.


cdb said...

This has always been my favorite Unwound record. "Message Received" is unfuckwithable, as they say.

btw, the word verification thing on this comment is "gritzina". Cool word.

proven hollow said...

first tour of bigbizmelvins at 40watt=excellent
second tour=FUCKING BORING
i should have come to atlanta to see this with down.
fuck it.

JUBCUB is the word verification.


jimmy said...

Awesome how much props Unwound get 'round these parts.

I have forever been looking for their self-titled first album recorded in '92 but released in '95.

Any chance that could be the next Unwound-related post? Thanks!

clint said...

glad to hear Melvins did not disappoint. i guess hangin with Fred didn't handicap his game.

and also, oh ya, this is an Unwound post, huh? Repetition is the fuckin shit. Repetition is the fuckin shit.

Gray said...

We can get the self titled Unwound record up here soon. I have to put it on my computer first, so depending on how lazy I am when I get'll get up though.

Thanks for checking in.

Anonymous said...

ohh, my godness
u know, this my request. respect for the many noise rock stuff in here, especially The Jesus Lizard, I need to listen to some Unwound too.

Hey you guys made me looks good!

yn said...

just another time, i was request in here for the album Unwound's Repetition, you have granted that request.
I really like what you're doing here and it's would be happy for me.
I've been looking for the Unwound stuff, Can I request a few other Unwound stuff here, please?
i really don't know what the sound like The Future of What; Challenge for a Civilized Society; Leaves Turn Inside You and other Unwound's EP.

Best Wishes (from Jakarta)

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