Tuesday, September 29, 2009

nirvana - 3.87 - raymond,wa

this was the band's very first show...it was at a house party

it was also one of the few times aaron burckhard sat behind the drumkit...he was let go shortly after this and some guy named dale crover took over the stool for a short while

the reason i'm posting this is mainly because i want to...and the fact that i'd made the little rant against...well...you know...

and i was glad to see that everyone came out to lay down their opinion...and i have to say that i agree with all of you...i really didn't want to giver her anymore attention than she's due (which is very little)...but as i sat watching that documentary something just struck a nerve...and like every other armchair warrior...i had to take it to the internet

now...as far as kurt's drug usage and whatnot went...perhaps he would've eventually succumbed to it and found it out for himself...he may have even took a peek at it through the keyhole at first (as everyone has done at one time or another) and maybe gradually moved onto it...but courtney love came along and kicked the door open...so i'm thinking that she's played a pretty decent part in doing that

and you have to agree on the fact that she looked at kurt as her golden ticket to get into the chocolate factory that is the music biz

but again...veruca is getting a little too much attention

so here you go...listen to nirvana's first live outing...and i'm gonna warn you now...it sounds as if it was recorded by someone pressing [rec] on a tape deck

but you know...nirvana was always better live...and to think that i actually passed up on a chance to see it back in the nevermind days

perhaps i should've ate a bullet for that

that's right....i went there

1 - downer
2 - aero zeppelin
3 - if you must
4 - heartbreaker*
5 - how many more times*
6 - mexican seafood
7 - pen cap chew
8 - spank thru
9 - hairspray queen

*=led zeppelin jams

DL: nirvana 3.87

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Mars said...

Believe it or not, I've never heard this.

Geez, that "Troo Grunge" revival is gettin' closer.

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