Monday, September 28, 2009


now you may be sitting there wondering just what smeagol might be doing here

well look again

that's courtney love

and as i sat here watching a vh1 documentary on that whole grunge thing...i felt as if i needed to pause it...come over to the computer...and type these 4 words:


if it weren't for you...the above mentioned grunge business probably wouldn't have fizzled out so just seemed that as soon as you caught scent of kurt cobain in the body of water that was nirvana you were able to sink your teeth into his meat and ride safely upon his body to shore

a shore lined with red carpets

and i'm quite sure that someday you'll be setting somewhere quite warm in a corner booth with nancy spungeon and you'll be able to swap stories about "cocktails" and luring unsuspecting men into your webs

you see....once you showed up with your medicine one was able to look past all of the drug use and whatnot...and suddenly...that's all people was no longer about the music

and then suddenly...all of seattle became linked to your habits

it was all heroin and nodding off during interviews and scoring

i mean...sure....there were others that had died the same way....and all made some sort of impact...but you seemed to strike during the heyday of "nirvana mania"'s all folks knew..."grunge" and nirvana

and that all became equated with what you brought to the table

and i'm thinking that played a big factor into kurt's shying away from everything

he may have gone another couple of years without you around...nirvana may even have put out another few records

but you didn't want it that way...did you? was all divide and conquer when it came to him....take him away from his friends and he's all yours...and you're free to pull the strings

and i'm pretty sure that there are a lot of people that share this opinion

and i will say that when LIVE THROUGH THIS was released....i did enjoy it

but look at you now...passing yourself of as a bruised model

oh you're punk...but this punk is surrounded by glitter and lights and is for sale at hot topic


Clay said...

You're giving her way too much credit, man. She may have held a lot of sway with Kurt, and consequently with Nirvana, but as far as late 90s mainstream alt-rock goes, she and Hole were just a drop in the bucket in a scene that was itself a drop in the bucket.

All that aside, Pretty On the Inside is a fucking great record.

clint said...

fuck that dumb bitch

Gray said...

Was/is Courtney Love really that important in the grand scheme of things? I don't think so. Nor was Nancy Spungeon for that matter. They will be mere footnotes in entertainment history when all is said and done.

As for Hole, I can't believe that I'm hearing folks defend ANY of their records. Amateur hour shit man, amateur hour.

kittyempire said...

Great post... agree 100%. The parasite kills the host... who knows where Kurt ends up without this fucked-out groupie sucking his soul.

Live Through This was a decent record in it's time. The next Nirvana record would've be a (w)hole lot better.

The Low Countries said...
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Mr. Amsterdamned said...

Honestly...that guy didn't need this not-so-important girl to fuck up himself. Not the strongest of characters, was he? Always considered Nirvana more important as a phenomenon in the history of rock anyway, rather than seeing it as a really great and interesting band. And you don't cut an album like Nevermind without expecting to expand your fanbase. So the 'oh, the pressure'-thing afterwards was a bit weak. As for Ms Love, yeah she's a user and all that, but any half-wit could see that from miles away. Stepping on a landmine when it's exposed ain't a smart thing to do. And yeah, Cobain wrote some great songs, but that doesn't make one a saint...nor does it indicate that one is the sharpest knife in the drawer.

THC1138 said...

You probably liked Live Through This because most of it was ghostwritten by Cobain.

fred said...
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fred said...

no doubt that Courtney is an opportunist, but she didn't put a gun to kurt's head and demand he sleep with her. nor did she get him into heroin: it was already a drug he had experimented with before in the past; although, she may have enabled him to dig himself such a deep hole.

whatever she sucks and everyone hates her. good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

is there any truth to buddyhead's constant claims that kurt was depressed / killed himself because courtney and billy corgan were boning? i'm inclined to believe they're just blowing smoke...but those guys do run with the dave grohl/k. noveselic they might have the inside track. either way, courtney love is pathetic and her records are garbage.

julio said...

she was a joke for the start, and is still strong on this. if she made good music, it was the attention to get herself on the favours of writers who could do the work right.a person who sucks deeply, and i'm not talking dick here...

Mars said...

Yes, Kurt allowed what happened to happen. Courtney Love already had a huge rep as bad news in the underground - so bad that even I - a kid living in CENTRAL MAINE knew about her and her fucked up-ness in the late 80's - when he hooked up with her.

I'm sure there's a 50% / 50% chance he'd still be here had he not made that horrible choice.

And, YES - like her or loathe her - Pretty on The Inside / Retard Girl are monstrous fucking records. Really good. The Cobain era - meh.

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thuglifebaldwin said...

is it me or does she look just a little like mortiis in that pose?

kaplan said...

this"woman" was & will be obviously dead meat. May she rot slowly in hell.

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