Saturday, September 26, 2009

terminal cheesecake - johnny-town mouse

released 1988

they were once touted as britain's answer to the butthole surfers

but there was something very early white zombie about them (perhaps it's in the vocals)

and they'd fit in right along side some head of david...some early ministry (think THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY-era)...some silverfish...maybe a little bit of early godflesh....

or maybe i'm just throwing all of those band names at you to peak your interest

and by what i can see on the front of your shirt...i do believe it worked

DL: johnny-town mouse


corbypunk said...

yes terminal cheesecake were compared to buttholes etc, but this is one band that i think got worse through various progressions!cheesecake released two eps on wiija records,but before cheesecake they were called the purple things who released two eps on media burn records(deep in the mind of purple things & out of the mind of purple things). In my opinion the best incarnation of this band was the very first one, the vibes. They released a couple of eps on big beat(can you feel the vibes & inner wardrobes of your mind) & an lp on chainsaw records called whats inside the vibes. Very 60`s garage but with an 80s twist

Anonymous said...

the purple things released more than the 2 ep's for media burn... after a line up change they also released a further 12" called Kingsnake & a self titled LP both on Absolutely free records. The 2nd incarnation of the purple things veered more towards the early terminal cheesecake sound.

Anonymous said...

re-up deadlink?

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