Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cheer-Accident - Fear Draws Misfortune

Label: Cuneiform
Year: 2009

This one ain't for everybody. Everybody including me actually. In fact, I think it's on it's way out of the collection, but I felt like it's definitely worth a listen, and maybe it'll be up your alley, and you'll go to the local independent record store, you'll fork over your hard earned cash, and you'll own this thing outright. Then, when the band decides to roll through your backwater burb, you'll be prepared to spend more of that scrilla on a ticket of admission to the Cheer-Accident show. That'll be awesome for you.
Not so much for me.
But certainly for you.
Unless you don't like this. And you might not.
There are keyboards, flutes, marimbas, trumpets, saxaphones, and all kinds of shit. Yeah, there are guitars, drums and bass, but maybe not how you will expect it all the time. It's the Chicago version of Captain Beefheart...or something like Captain Beefheart. I don't know, does Phish sound like this kinda? Did I really just ask that? Fuck.
Whatever, the band has been around since 1986 and can be connected with everyone from Gastr Del Sol to Dazzling Killmen, The Flying Luttenbachers, and Smog. So, you know.


Beckett said...

This blog is getting soft.

Gray said...

As one gets older, it's more difficult to "stay hard". I believe there's a pill you can take, but I haven't tried it yet.

But, just for you, I shall attempt to "get it up" again with my next post. Hard and heavy style.

Anonymous said...

I really like this record.

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