Friday, September 4, 2009

Jucifer - If Thine Enemy Hunger

20+ downloads and no comments? Hey, maybe if some if you cunts showed a little appreciation I might post here more often.

Whatever I only post here when I'm drunk anyway.

Year: 2006

this is Jucifer. I hear they got the band title from a nickname they created for OJ Simpson during his (early 90s) trials. the band gets shit for not sounding like that shitty tech-grind band holy child of relapse records phallic carnage. who cares, relapse are a bunch of fascist cock suckers who treat their bands like sub-humans. we could probably gauge how much they care about this band (or money) by how quick this upload gets squashed. whatever...fuck it (eat shit (relapse)):

Jucifer - If Thine Enemy Hunger


cdb said...

I reviewed this record for Pitchfork back when it came out in 2006:

I stand by that review.

btw, the word verification this time was "gerson".

fred said...

ace -- that's the kind of shit I'm looking for. Good review.

ipecac said...

fred...maybe if you wore that little red dress a little more often when you're drunk you'd get more compliments

i'm not speaking for me i'm glad you're dress or not

as for the jucifer/oj're partially right...ed was playing drums once with a tv on in the background...and someone was talking about the murders and referred to him as "the juice" and then said "maybe he's lucifer"...and then it clicked in ed's head...and thus jucifer was born

now how about you put that bottle down and come sit with me on the couch...i made pancakes

fred said...

sir, I have consumed nearly twelve beers. I am waaaay past pancake comfort.


ipecac said...

there can be PANCAKE RAAAAAGE!!!

Jackmort said...

This band is monstrous live. The records never did much for me, way too uneven.

Anonymous said...

looking for glory posting other peoples work ?
doesn't sound like a fun,..informative hobby to me.

Gray said...

"glory"? that's rich.

the real question is, do you get a kick trolling the internet looking for your own name?

sounds fun. life is hard isn't it?

Mars said...

The culture of downloading is, I believe, for 90% of the populace about acquisition. Plus, even though they've ceased the lawsuits, the spectre of the RIAA scares most folks away from saying anything - pointless as your downloading is the 'crime', not talking about it.

I don't think all of the people who post up music are in it for any 'glory' (although - certainly - I've seen a few who seem to think they're due some).

I can only speak for myself, but I do it in hopes for a conversation about the music in question and to open up some friendships with people around the world with similar taste.

I'm sure that's why these guys do it - you can tell from their original writing in each post (which one can vacillate over for hours before posting in hopes that it presents the band / lp in as exciting a manner as they experience it). This isn't a straight up record dump with cut 'n' paste articles from AMG (if you're lucky to get that much).

Not long ago, the blogosphere was a great place to get way OOP stuff and meet the few others who loved it as much as you did. It seems like that era is drawing to a close.

And, BTW Anny, both Gray and myself are long time musicians - when I see one of my records (twice - it happened!) - flattery is my reaction. No one ever retired on noise rock dollars. To know that anyone cares is enough.

A bit of truth: if your stuff isn't being spread across the net - "You're Doing It Wrong".

Gray said...

"I didn't get a hurumph outta that guy."
"hurumph. hurumph!"
"that's better"

fred said...

I'm very honored that such a piss-poor post from myself could facilitate something cognate of real intellectual discussion.

(well said, sir)

If you're interested in giving it a read, I had a little discussion over the state of blogger a while back:

...apologies if my plug seems masturbatory. But that's just because it is. WHOLLY.

dgen said...

everytime I think of this band, it reminds me of what would happen if juliana hatfield was held captive, and forced to listen to amrep albums albums all day, then held at gun-point and told to start going that direction.

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