Thursday, September 3, 2009

Minutemen - KFPK Acoustic Jam

Year: 1983

Here's a cool bootleg; this is a live set of the Minutemen playing live on KFPK back in '83. Not as stellar as the Acoustic set on 'We Jam Econo', but still pretty killer:

Minutemen - KFPK Acoustic Jam


fred said...

I can say without nearly doubt that the Minutemen were, and are, the only REAL punk band that ever existed (except MAYBE Black Flag). No bullshit posturing, just real, fucking sincere music.

ipecac said...

and i'm thinking that by d. boon saying his guitar tone was "political" he meant "stolen from gang of four"

peskypesky said...

thank you for this. can never have too much Minutemen, can you?

btw, you fucking rule!

Anonymous said...

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