Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the fitt - hawk eyes ep

released 2008

i was contacted by a member of this pittsburgh,pa trio awhile ago (his name is pat...i'm pretty sure he's their singer)...he had come across the blog by way of a melvins show that was posted a ways back and was wondering if i'd like to post something by his band...and that i should go and check out the band's myspace (and if i didn't want to...i could either ignore or make fun of the band...now...with a person like myself...i should never just be given those options)

so i did just that...and by me posting this...you should already know how i felt about the whole thing

and it's no wonder that pat was looking for stuff by the melvins on the internets...listening to this will take you back to a time when they too were a trio (which is very evident from the opening of first song "hawk eyes"...and you'd swear that you'd heard the song "M80" on the HOUDINI album)

so am i making fun?
am i ignoring this?

i'm going against everything that i am...look at me ma! i'm growing!

so if you like the melvins...keelhaul...helmet...

actually...you should've just said "of course i like the melvins" and then downloaded this already

DL: hawk eyes ep

and now...their space

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