Tuesday, September 15, 2009

blight - self-titled 7"

released 1983

this was a band out of lansing,mi...i suppose they could be considered a "supergroup"

it was made up of vocalist tesco vee from the meatmen...guitarist steve miller and bassist mike achtenberg from the fix...and some guy named pat clarke playing the drums

they were together for about 4 months...and played just as many shows (once opening for the dead kennedys)...and managed to release this album before it all came to a close (touch and go records later combined this album with a recording of their opening for the dead kennedys along with some random demos and called it DETROIT:THE DREAM IS DEAD (THE COLLECTED WORKS OF A MIDWEST HARDCORE NOISE BAND 1982)...released in 2006)

this sounds as if it were recorded by someone just pressing [rec] on a stereo while the band played

so if you like the germs or flipper or negative approach or the members other bands...

DL: blight

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