Sunday, September 20, 2009

arcwelder - everest

released 1999

and by be another arcwelder album (this being their last)

they mixed a little bit of husker du (as most bands from minneapolis have been known to do) with a some of the jesus lizard...a little nomeansno...a little jawbox...a little mission of burma...

if you consider yourself a fan of anything that's ever been posted on this can free up a little space for this as well

come on now...unclench,man

DL: everest


Anonymous said...

This is a decent album although not as good as Pull. I always loved their "Husker Du" moments the best. Good stuff, as always!

Anonymous said...

great, thx!
btw. I can see they have couple of more albums (not posted here).
could you help with those, too?!
cheers, jamie

Anonymous said...

many thanks. i asked you yesterday about this files arcwelder. if you post another albuns arcwelder, please?


Gray said...

Search for Arcwelder, we posted "Pull" awhile back and I just re-up'd the link the other day.
I can post more of their albums if you want them.

Anonymous said...

thanks again gray. your blog contains amazing bands. congratulations.

Mr. Amsterdamned said...

Cheers! Does anyone have 'entropy', the preceding album?

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