Sunday, September 20, 2009

nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, real nice...i'll take a crack at nice

now you may be asking yourself right about now "hey...what does charlie from it's always sunny in philadelphia have to do with the jesus lizard?"

and to that i say "nothing"...but it would be pretty sweet to see david yow get all "rock flag and eagle!"

in case you didn't already know...that's the lizard's bassist david wm. sims

and by some freak accident...SGM somehow got brought to his attention (unless he googles the words "the" and "jesus" and "lizard" every so often just to see what pops up)

the man himself has made 2 appearances in the comments section of some of the rare moments the jesus lizard have popped up on this blog (as seen here and here)

in my review of the SHOT album...i think i kind of came off as if i didn't really like the album because it was on a major label and steve albini had nothing to do with it

that's not the case at all

both the jesus lizard and steve albini are the patron saints of SGM ( my eyes anyway...though i'm not all fan boy when it comes to albini...i know there are plenty of bands out there that bear his spur marks in their collective sides as he rides them to wherever they can get him)

they're the 5 headed cerberus that guards the doors to the SGM offices

look at me gushing like a head wound

and i know in the past that i've said that just because i'm a fan of something doesn't mean that i'm going to like everything about it...again that is not the case with the jesus lizard

and i think that i made it seem like just because they got signed to a major label they'd lightened up a little bit...sounding a little more polished...and they do

but an angry pit bull on a chain is still an angry pit bull

i'm getting too wordy again

i like SHOT

and i think the jesus lizard are about the only band from the heyday of decent music (aka "the late 80's/early-mid 90's") that wouldn't be beating a dead horse (that's right...i'm looking at you pixies and helmet) by releasing another album

so thank you mr. sims for stopping by...and hopefully you'll continue to do so

now if you'll excuse me...i need to go and tape a picture of david yow to my sleeping girlfriend's forehead


kittyempire said...

Man, do I love this blog.

Those patron saints of SGM are the patron saints of my record collection. I don't have any 'cool Chicago friends', so I thought I'd throw in my, er, unaffiliated two cents on the 'Shot' debate...

My favorite JL album is 'Down'. I think I'm in the minority there, but fuck it. I truly believe that Goat-Liar-Down is as good a run of three albums as we're ever going to hear.

Now 'Shot',in my opinion, is a very good record, but not quite on a par with those three. 'Blue' is pretty good too - the Jesus Lizard never made a bad record.

Overall, I don't think the songs on 'Shot' were quite as strong as on previous records. Still shits all over 99% of other bands though. The production is different but still pretty damn good.

Enormous, god-like respect for Sims (and still in quiet awe that the great man would deign to comment), but I'd have to say that it's fairly common for musicians to have a different opinion of which is their best work than their fans.

The major label thing... I've never understood why people begrudge bands the opportunity to make some money. You know, we worship these dudes as long as they don't get paid. It's not like they went techno.

Conclusion: SGM awesome, Sims awesome, Jesus Lizard awesome, Albini awesome, SHOT awesome.

I think you're off the hook, Ipecac. Unless someone from Helmet gets on here.....

Anonymous said...

Helmet. Right.
Ever hear the rendition of Led Zeppelin's 'Custard Pie' they did with mista Yow on vox and harmonica?
Big fun.
It was on that Zeppelin tribute record, Encomium, which, for the most part, was awful. For the most part.

Gray said...

i thought that for sure, this love letter was going to end with, "so i spoke to mr. sims and he's agreed to contribute some content to shiny grey monotone".

why doesn't it say that?

let's go ahead and hook that up.

kittyempire said...

Encomium, yes. I can't imagine what the Zep guys thought if any of them heard this 'tribute' album - are they taking the piss, or what? The Helmet/Yow track was ace (of course) but most of it was total shite. I remember the Rollins Band had a bash at 'Four Sticks' which was OK, except for Henry's vocal part, which really wasn't OK. The Unsane version was much, much better.

Mars said...

Ipecac - that last line was really, really disturbing. KEEP THAT SHIT TO YOURSELF!
(tapes a picture of Jack Kirby to sheep's tail)

CAPTCHA: 'jacomell'

Cleftone said...

Well, at least DWS didn't give you any of that "cease and desist" bullshit some other people might have. I paid for this album once, but it got lost in a move years ago. I haven't DL'd it again, but I probably will.

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