Sunday, September 20, 2009

McLusky - Live in Nottingham 10.29.02

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2002

More live McLusky. Can't get enough as far as I'm concerned. This band was at the top of the heap as far as newer dudes riffing on older dudes' shit. All the best elements of noise rock, punk, and indie rock rolled into one gloriously messy, snotty, rude, powerful, burst. 
This particular recording is of fantastic sound quality, everything is balanced and presented well in the mix. 
I rue the fact that I never caught them live. Don't know where I was, or how my head was that far up my own ass to miss out on this band, but oh well. Guess I'm an idiot sometimes.


mfarkas2 said...

Thanks for the post. Sadly I missed seeing them live as well!

kittyempire said...

Nice work Gray. You can add me to the list who never saw them live. Goddammit. They were out my neck of the woods (Melbourne, Australia) a few times. God knows what the fuck I was doing.

This to me was a band that was more than the sum of it's influences. You could hear bits of this and bits of that, but nobody sounds like mclusky.

By the way, have you heard Future Of The Left or Shooting At Unarmed Men, the members new bands?

Anonymous said...

I sort of saw them. I watch part of their sound check the only time I remember them coming through and then I left the club to go meet some stupid girl. Dumb.

Future Of The Left is pretty rad too.
I've actually seen those guys

Anonymous said...

I, too, was late to the Mclusky party, learning of the band only shortly after it disbanded. "The Difference Between Me an You.." is easily one of my all-time favorite albums. Future of the Left played a free live gig in NYC a few months ago-great, great show.

corbypunk said...

Well i`ve seen them live!!! Not this gig but when they played the old angel in nottingham the time before. Don`t worry though bout not seeing them, most of their gigs were ony 50 people at the most! but nottinghams like that, i remember seeing agnostic front on somethings gotta give tour and bout 300 people were there, murphys law played the same place a month after and i bet there wasn`t thirty people turned out for them.

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