Monday, September 14, 2009

Anodyne - First Four Years - Discography Volume 1

Label: Black Box
Year: 2004

I do believe this one is by request, and even though it would fit better, sonically speaking (size wise it's just fine, not too big not too small), on our sister blog Colostomy Grab Bag, what, with it being all metallic and all. But what the hay, we can all appreciate some noisy, burly, ripping hardcore on occasion right? Plus, Anodyne featured members of the great Luca Brasi (one of my very first posts on this site...look that shit up) and Blacktail (also one of my first posts...seriously, get to looking this shit up!), so why can't we post it here?! Huh?! Why?! All in all, Anodyne's resume includes Luca Brasi and Blacktail, as well as 27, Eye For An Eye (fuck yeah!), Windmills By The Ocean, Versoma, Tombs, and all 700 bands Dave Witte has been is. Not bad eh? 
Musically, you're getting the band's older material, a demo, some old 7"s, compilation tracks, and unreleased material, which tended to be a nice mix of noise rock (think Glazed Baby), second wave Hydra Head Records stuff (think Cable), and rocking sludge (think Tad). Mix that type of tar-black filth together, and what do you get? Well, Anodyne of course. What did you think I was going to say?
I'm really glad someone requested this, cause I hadn't listened to this band in awhile and had forgotten just how potent this music can be. Great stuff.

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