Monday, September 14, 2009

Casus Belli - Punishment 7" + Return To Zero 7"

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1990, 1993

Before Casus Belli, there were The Bastards, and they put out a couple big, thudding records, and appeared alongside a lot of really great bands like Unsane, Bitch Magnet, Cows, Surgery, Halo Of Flies, and Green River during their brief career. This is noteworthy, because when half of The Bastards went on to form Casus Belli (another short-lived project), they rolled in elements of all the aforementioned bands in to one really big and gnarly "fuck you". 
During this particular time period, Amphetamine Reptile Records was firing on all cylinders, putting out records that would go down in history as "important" or "vital", and consequently, some equally great records fell through the cracks. I think this band is just as good as anything else being put out during those years, and that's saying something. So if you missed these the first go-around, pick them up now and just pretend like you had em all along. "Oh yeah man, you hadn't heard Casus Belli before? Shit, where the fuck were you man? I was at, like, their first show uh...(muffled garbling)...oh damn, there's my ride. Gotta go dude!" You can be that dude!


Mars said...

All I ever heard was on Dope Guns - thought it was pretty original. Tryin' it.

CAPTCHA: 'epica'

noisebreather said...

I like these dudes here...
Thanks for this. (I have the Punisment 7")
I also have a full-length CD: "Tailgunnrangeles" (ARR) I can upload if it hasn't been already...

Gray said...

It would be fantastic if you posted the full length. It's a lost classic and deserves to be heard.

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