Monday, September 14, 2009

Bundle of Hiss - Sessions 1986-1988

Here's a great piece of work from Bundle of Hiss. "Sessions 1986-1988" is a re-release of one of their old demo tapes. For those not familiar, Bundle of Hiss was a Seattle band from the 80s featuring Dan Peters and Kurt Danielson. They're a hidden gem as far as i'm concerned - even though this is another pre-grunge movement band comparable to Malfunkshun or Green River in status, don't let it scare you away. Bundle of Hiss was legitimately good with their heavy, fuzzed out, gritty alt rock.
Loveless Records
1. Swamp
2. Sleep No More
3. Amphetamine
4. White
5. Drown
6. What Dreams May Come
7. Rabies
8. Strobe
9. 12 Gauge
10. Hank n Doris
11. Fire Place
12. Ash Wednesday
13. Metamorphosis / After Image
14. Push
15. Apostasy


Mars said...

This is a great record - maybe this grunge redux coming up next summer will rectify that.

Captcha: 'unkergi'

Mars said...

great UNKNOWN / IGNORED record... jesus, it's 3 am.

Captcha: 'aplintee'

E said...


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