Tuesday, August 18, 2009

v9r9d - nose,beard,cobra and omar/5.4.05 - the uptown bar & cafe - minneapolis,mn

released 2004

well...seeing as how the previous v9r9d post went over like another variation of chicken on an all you can eat buffet at a chinese restaurant...i'm sharing the other stuff that was sent to me

and if you need to know what this is all about...see here

you even get a set the band did at the uptown bar & cafe in minneapolis (in case you didn't quite grasp that up there)...along with some random songs

and since i'm into plugging and such (i even have a profile over at www.iheartplugging.com)...if you'd like to check out a band that v9r9d's bass player is in along with sicbay guitarist dave erb...they be the yoleus

DL: nose,beard,cobra and omar
DL: v9r9d@the uptown bar & cafe/random crap


ARXELAOS said...

Hell yes man! Huge thanks for that!

ELΩXIM said...

Awesome indeed brother..Thanks a lot for the two more music landscapes..


Joseph Bruscini said...

any chance of a reupload i can't find it anywhere else

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