Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lisabo - ezlekuak

released 2007

i'm a man of few words...so i'll just say these:

2 drummers

DL: ezelekuak


Anonymous said...

I'm a man of few more words...
Not Portugal.
Basque part of Spain
Learn your geography,go back to school...

ipecac said...

i'm just going by the location mentioned on their myspace

and if you'd like to teach me...i have an apple for the teacher...bend over...let's make applesauce

Sean said...

and here I was going to give thanks for my Portugese fishing ancestry made good, and now I have to chalk them up to the land that gave us jai-alai! Curses!!! It still got my appetite up for more...hold the applesauce!!

JB said...

I've spoken to someone from this band on MySpace. Nice guy. I heard the rumour they were Portuguese too. Turns out it was a rumour that they had instigated by naming themselves Lisabo (a word "in a Scandinavian tongue" that means Lisbon, Purtugal's capital. They are actually from Northern Spain, in Basque Country.

Anonymous said...

Lisabö band is from "Pais Basco", North of Spain, not Portugal.

damienz said...

nicely epic without the pretention, the drummers fill out the noise, well crafted

Anonymous said...

too bad nobody can take a compliment

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